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Wednesday, January 15, 2014



I have learned through my work with Compassion as well as my mission trips that relationships are truly our "Kingdom work". This is what we are called to do and for what we are created to do. From the very beginning God created man to have a relationship with Him. Eve was created to have a relationship with Adam. It continues onward. Before I became a Christian I knew there was something missing inside of me that needed filling. That was my relationship with God. In fact being a Christian is not about following rules and being good. Rather it about having a relationship with our God and growing from there. All the rest begins to follow as we grow deeper in our relationship with our creator.
     Karen and I work diligently when speaking to potential sponsors (through Compassion) to explain that it is not the dollars but the relationship that is important to the child. As the child is sponsored and begins to attend a project they begin to grow in a relationship with caring adults as well as learning about God. Sponsors who write further that relationship and in fact create an entire new relationship where a child is valued and cared for by someone they do not even know. The program works as I have seen children blessed by those letters. On the other hand sponsors who do not write hinder the relationship and often leave children wondering why they are not being written too. For a child in poverty a letter and a relationship is a treasure thing.

    This post comes as a result of my recent trip to Romania through Remember the Children. One of the gifts I received on this trip was being blessed through forming relationships. I came back with a renewed sense of how important relationships are.  My work with Compassion and which I constantly speak of is being "relational". I can speak well of it but this trip brought it home to me. Seeing children climb into the laps of team members, seeing the gypsies dancing with us, seeing an elderly orphan cry in happiness at being baptized and seeing strong family units that are put together through God brought it all home. A smile or silly face can bring sunshine to a dreary day. A hug and a smile can bring light to a child's eye. Sitting down with an elderly orphan and just listening (even with a language barrier) can be life changing. Handing out those Christmas boxes to children began a relationship with them and the local church that proved they were loved and cared for.

      Just remember that it is our calling to be relational to everyone we encounter. Just taking a minute to "step into" another's  life and letting them know we care and are there for them can be life changing. <><

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Lisa Starkey said...

This is beautiful Chuck and so true. The trip to Romania opened my eyes to the gift that we are all God's children. He WANTS us to connect, to lean on each other and to bond. It's through those experiences we get a glimpse at the unconditional love he has for us. #gracehopecompassion
~Lisa D.~