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Friday, December 6, 2013

Remembering Romania~ Part 2 (Hearts of Gold)

  • Today our week begins to come to an end. So many amazing memories and stories to tell. I know one thing though. As usual I am coming away more blessed than when I entered this amazing country. I have been touched by the welcomes we have received, the hugs and the smiles. Several amazing moments are standing our for me right now:
  • In all of the churches we visited the children had taken the time to prepare a song for us in English. As bad as our attempts to speak Romanian have been they were amazing in singing to us in English. Funny thing is often we would try to say something to them in their language and they would respond in English. 
  • Going into the schools to celebrate Christmas and tell the Christmas story. Again each of the schools had prepared a presentation for us. Can't do that back in the United States. 
  • Sitting in a church in a remote village when the pastor walked in and up to me and said "Chuck, how are you?" Standing there with my mouth open he explained he had "friended" me on Facebook. Amazing how much smaller the world has become but equally cool because I now have friends overseas. I have added several friends including including Pastor Danny (who we are partnering with here) so that we can pray and make a difference together. 
  • Going to a church that was dead three years ago and walked in to 175 children clapping and cheering for us as if we were celebrities. Talk about a humbling experience. 
We have had several members get sick, I had my phone stolen and we are exhausted but overall I would say our hearts have been poured into. As we begin our journey back to the States I leave a piece of my heart here as well as new friendships.

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Hannah H. said...

I loved this post! What a beautiful testimony of God's work. I love meeting and working with believers from other countries…it's like a little taste of heaven :)